Houston Press, GeekNation and Bleeding Cool Write About Comix Chix Live! at NYCC

CC Live at NYCC 2013

NYCC Comix Chix panelists and moderator

NYCC has come and gone, with it the Comix Chix Live! panel – which we think was a rockin’ success! Apparently we made a big impact on our audience, as we’ve already received requests to bring the panel to three other conventions. Yay!

If you weren’t at the panel or NYCC, you can still catch up on what we chatted about by reading the recaps of our session via The Houston Press, GeekNation and Bleeding Cool. Check it out!

Houston Press: Fostering Female Success at NYCC’s “Comix Chix” Panel by Phadera Cook

GeekNation: Geek Nation Reports From New York Comic Con 2013 by John Galbo

Bleeding Cool: Comix Chix with Kate Kotler by Madeline Ricchiuto


Comix Chix fan shares a story with the panel and NYCC crowd

Announced at the panel: Meghan White (aka WonderWomanV2 and Kate’s “Platonic Life Partner”) is joining Comix Chix as co-editor. Yay!

Special thanks to Bonnie Burton, Jill Pantozzi, Molly McIsaac, Sarah Miller, Nicole Wakelin, Heidi MacDonald, Joan Hilty, Meghan White, the awesome programming staff at ReedPop and everyone who asked questions/shared stories in our panel for making our NYCC experience super-awesomesauce! Extra special thanks to Phadera, John and Madeline for writing such great recaps of their panel experience with us.

[Photos by Chuck Cook Photography]

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