NYCC Cosplay Harassment and Big Cans (Article Roundup)

manup nyccWe at Comix Chix don’t know how much we can add to the discussion already in progress about the harassment of cosplayers and the offensive Arizona Ice Tea “Big Cans” campaign at NYCC this year. So we thought we’d post links to articles on other sites which have already been written. (The Beat and The Mary Sue being primary in breaking the story of “Man Banter”.)

Interestingly, on Friday, a friend of Comix Chix emailed us this Tumblr post about the potential harassment of  women at the con this year and asked us if we could do anything about it. We did forward the link onto ReedPop, though we doubt it had any impact on the situation.

It’s really disappointing (and exhausting) that it has become that such behavior is expected at larger conventions. We really hope that ReedPop and other organizers take the time to consider what happened over the weekend and think about measures they can put in place to help make fan conventions more friendly experiences for all attendees and participants.

The Beat: Creepy Camera Crews, Arizona’s Big Cans and Harassment

Bleeding Cool: Man Banter, NYCC and Cosplay Harassment – One Year Later

Boing Boing: Camera crew creeps exposed in record time at New York Comic Con

Comics or STFU (Becky Cloonan): NYCC 13 Breakdown

Girls Gone Geek: NYCC in review

Jenipedia: If Not Now, When?

Leaky News: Why Must Cons Still Cater to the Dudebro?

Tales of the Urban Adventurer: Film Crew Creepers at New York Comic Con: I need your help to identify them

The Mary Sue: Man Banter, Big Cans and Harassment at New York Comic Con

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